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Aussie fresh vegetable exports grow to $281m

Aussie fresh vegetable exports grow to $281m


Strong demand for Australian vegetables in Singapore, Japan and Thailand has seen total fresh vegetable exports increase 11.4% in value and 15.5% in volume in 2018.

Australia’s fresh vegetable exports grew to $281 million, with Singapore’s export market growing in value by 7.5% to $50.5 million, Japan increasing by 8.7% to $32 million and Thailand experiencing a 54% increase to $7.8 million.

The volume of Australian fresh vegetable exports has also seen strong growth, which has contributed to the rise in value. The total volume of Australian fresh vegetable exports increased 15.5% to 227,000 tonnes, with increases across most major markets, including Singapore (11% increase to 30,000 tonnes), Japan (11% increase to 11,500 tonnes) and Thailand (over 100% increase to 10,500 tonnes).

AUSVEG National Manager – Export Development Michael Coote said: “The continued rise in the value of vegetable exports is particularly impressive when you consider that Australian vegetables are typically lower-priced products that are being grown in a high-cost environment, due to the rising costs of labour, electricity and water. As such, even as they experience vulnerability to fluctuating exchange rates that make it harder for vegetable growers to compete in a global market, our exports continue to build.”

Carrots remained the strongest export performer in 2018 at 113,000 tonnes, increasing in value by 5.1% to $98 million. Potato, onion, celery, broccoli and cauliflower also increased in value and volume in 2018.

Coote said this is a result of hard work from vegetable growers, and efforts from AUSVEG, Hort Innovation and other groups to provide opportunities for growers to enter export markets.

“The Vegetable Industry Export Program, which is delivered by AUSVEG in partnership with Hort Innovation, continues to support the solid growth in fresh vegetable exports. In 2018, the program facilitated the development of export capabilities for the industry by bringing 40 buyers into Australia to see local production, taking over 40 growers on outbound trade missions, and upskilling another 40 growers through export readiness training.

“The industry is well on its way to reach the ambitious target of $315 million in fresh vegetable exports by 2020 as outlined by the industry’s export strategy. We are working with growers to ensure they have the skills and know-how to improve their ability to export their produce and capitalise on increasing demand for fresh, Australian-grown vegetable produce,” said Coote.

Image credit: ©iStockphoto.com/Jim Jurica

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