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Recyclable packaging solution for latest Nestlé snack bar

Recyclable packaging solution for latest Nestlé snack bar

From:Packaging News

Sappi and Constantia Flexibles collaborated with Nestlé to support the launch of the YES! snack bar wrapped in recyclable paper.

With the increased global push for environmentally friendly and sustainable paper-based packaging solutions, Sappi said it has made great strides in developing breakthrough proprietary barrier technology to offer new opportunities to satisfy this need.

Susanne Oste, vice president of innovations and sustainability at Sappi Europe, commented: “Sappi has been working with leading consumer brand owners to develop and supply renewable paper-based packaging solutions understanding and supporting the goals of making their packaging recyclable without compromising on food protection and shelf life. One example of this is the new Sappi Guard range of products providing brand owners with a paper confectionery wrapper to meet market demand for more sustainable products.”

“The acquisition in 2017 of barrier film technology company Rockwell Solutions Limited (Rockwell Solutions) of Dundee, Scotland gave Sappi the opportunity to enhance its product offering by adding recyclable barrier coatings to its products. The recent launch of the YES! bar by Nestlé provides a clear example of the benefits brought through collaboration across the value chain in our joint efforts to increase the use of recyclable packaging made from renewable wood fibre.” says Thomas Kratochwill, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Packaging and Speciality Papers at Sappi Europe. He added: “Sappi’s own strong commitment to developing sustainable paper-based solutions is bolstered by strong partners. It is only with strong leadership that the new products consumers expect will be realised and shared.”

Stefan Grote, executive vice president, consumer, at Constantia Flexibles, commented on the partnership with Sappi: “We at Constantia Flexibles also recognize the importance of actively contributing to the circular economy. With our new innovation we have strongly underlined our competencies in paper-based packaging solutions that ensure high product quality and freshness over the entire shelf life. This is an important step towards more sustainable products that may innovate the confectionery packaging. We are very proud of this successful joint effort in the project with Nestlé and passionate to drive sustainable packaging solutions globally.”

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