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Tzaw Bao Co. Ltd.

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SellSpecialized Pen Packaging Machine

Model Model-868

‧ Application Products: For ball pen lead and other similar raw matcrial.
‧ Features: Automatic bag making →automatic individual feeding →sealing →cutting →finished product conveying.
‧ Packing Materials: Packing available in papr of 2 different materials being one side foil and the other side hot-sealed material.
‧ Packing Weight: One pis/bag.
‧ Packing Speed: 60-80bags/min. (Packing conducted per liquidity, capacity, product length)
(Packing conducted per liquidity, capacity, product length.)
Packing Size: Length: 400m/m. Width: 170m/m. (Freely adjustable for packaging of other lengths, widths.)
‧ Sealing Type: 4 sides sealing.
‧ Power Required: 220V Electric, Motor of 1/4HP. single phase, 50-60 HZ.
‧ Machine size: L 900 * W 1100 * H 900m/m.
‧ Packing Machine: L 1000 * W 1300 * H 1000m/m.
‧ Weight of Machine: Net: 100KG / Gross: 140KG.
‧ Characteristics:
1.Available for automatic packing of material in strips (bard) in stead of manual counting and packing.
2.Packing available in paper of 2 different materials.

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