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Mushroom Slicing Machine-Whirlston Food Processing Machine Name:

Mushroom Slicing Machine

 (Whirlston Food Processing Machine)

Mushroom Slicing Machine Description

This mushroom cutting machine is designed to meet market demands of mushroom processing. Based on manual cutting principle, this mushroom cutting machine is widely used to slice or shred edible mushroom, soft vegetables and other fungus vegetable. With advanced design, mushroom cutting machine can slice or shred the vegetable in uniform thickness and regular shape. The size of the slices or strips can be adjusted by changing the cutting knives. 
The application of mushroom slicing machine
The machine is specially designed to cut the soft vegetables, such as the edible mushroom and fresh kelp. It can also cut the peppers, beans, lily, and bamboo shoots and so on. The cutting size is 2-6mm; it can be customized to different sizes.
Operating Precaution
1. Don’t clean or touch the cutting tools while the mushroom cutting machine is working;
2. Make sure the mushroom cutting machine is cleaned after every use.
3. It is forbidden to wash the mushroom cutting machine while the machine shield is dismounted in case any danger happens due to the water inflowing into the motor.
The structures of mushroom slicing machine
The machine is consisted of frame, knife tackle, switch frame combination, roller combination, rubber roller combination, lord, driven roller and the drive system.
Mushroom Slicing Machine Features
1.Overally made of Anticorrosion materials.
2.Cutting size can be adjustable.
3. Delicate design and large output of 500kg/h.
4. Uniform thickness and regular shape of the sliced mushroom.
5. Low energy consumption and high efficiency.
Mushroom Slicing Machine Parameters

Model Voltage Power Capacity Cutting.Size Dimensions Weight
MGQP-02 380V 0.75Kw 500Kg/h 6mm 1800×700×960mm 165Kg


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