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Full Body massage in Delhi


If you desire a massage, you'll choose between 80 exceptional patterns with one among a sort sorts of stress and movement. All this entails pressure, rubbing, stimulation of the muscle tissue and tender tissues of the arms and fingers. Sometimes the forearms, knees or feet are even used.
The massage was once employed by means of physicians to affect fatigue, sickness and injury. it's effective only practices with knowledge of blood circulation and human anatomy. Then rubdown functions as remedy and has many health benefits. If you certainly favour one like this, we promote you visit B2B Spa in Delhi.
Full body exfoliation
It is made with Detox contact exfoliating cream, which is formed from precious vegetable oils of aromatic and medicinal dried herbs with the addition of yellow sugar, Himalayan salt and zeolite, which can assist to get rid of dead cells from your skin, cleanse and refresh your skin. At an equivalent time, the skin remains hydrated, nourished, tender and velvety after treatment.
After exfoliation and packing, a bathe and preparation for the highest of the cure will follow.
Full Body Anti-stress Massage
After exfoliation, packing and shower, deep body anti-stress massage with head, face and foot rubdown is included. The rubdown is administered with activated charcoal detoxification massage cream.
Detoxifying massage cream – composition, Thanks to beeswax, shea butter, olive butter, as properly as vegetable oil and jojoba oil, allantoin, activated carbon and inoveol, the cream exudes a speciality. it had been once created to be an exquisite ally in well-being applications and rituals for detoxifying the body.
It binds free radicals, promotes the discharge of poisons via the skin and prevents the replica of fatty acids. during this way, binding toxins additionally affects the discharge of them from the body. Special outcomes are manifested on the skin, which, because of the stimulation of blood and lymph circulation after the treatment, features a velvety look and a natural glow. The cream additionally contributes considerably to the development of the graceful skin.
During the treatment, the body is hydrated with a clean detox drink based on lemon, ginger, cucumber and mint. Great and clean – aromatic experience.

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Full Body massage in Delhi

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Location: New Delhi - Delhi
Zip Code/Address: 110016/Metro Station, Plot No. 3, Green Park Ext Rd, Near, Block H, Green Park Extension, Green Park, New Delhi  View Map
Contact: anurag saheney
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Map( Metro Station, Plot No. 3, Green Park Ext Rd, Near, Block H, Green Park Extension, Green Park, New Delhi )

Metro Station, Plot No. 3, Green Park Ext Rd, Near, Block H, Green Park Extension, Green Park, New Delhi
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