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About Us

 ◎About us

1.The best portal for Global Food Manufacturers:In recent months, the B2B sources has grown to a proportion that you are nearly impossible to find a specific portal that is made for food manufacturers, and even if there is one, language version might be another barrier that stops you.  If you choose to advertise locally, the accumulated cost on advertising could be tremendous. That’s why we’ve made a portal for you, with both English and Chinese versions that both parties can be benefited from. This would save your money on the advertising, and the exposures you get in return will be plenty, Foodsourcing is the best for you.

2.Upgrading our website that keeps your company at maximum exposure level
: Established in 2003, we have kept pace with the times by upgrading and improving our software, hoping our customers would get the maximum exposure that they deserve. This includes attending tradeshows, global links exchanges, Yahoo and Google key words, as well as publishing our own publications and advertising to become the only Food source portal.

3.The best bridge between the buyers and suppliers: Joining us, you would be benefited from a large amount of exposure, and solve lots of buyer’s problems on searching for a qualified supplier. Compared with other B2B portals, Foodsourcing.com is far exceeds in promoting extensively popularity but never focusing on one market only. Foodsourcing.com is your best choice, and the bridge between you and consumers/manufacturers.

4.Over twenty years of experience publishing: Foodsourcing.com is not a trade company, we focus on promoting your popularity to the world by exposing the information to every consumers who needs it. Headquartered in Taiwan since 1988, we have internet department and magazine publication department, we published more than 134 publications, includes Overseas Tradeshow Column, Taipei International Food Packaging Tradeshow Column, Taipei International Food Packaging – Before Show Edition, Taipei International Food Packaging Tradeshow Guide, Taipei International Food Packaging Industry Overview…. Etc. All of they are the best information sources for purchasers. Ever since we started to host the seminars and discussion forums, provided chances for manufacturers to share experiences to solve many problems in running business; Foodsourcing.com have been receiving plenty of positive responses and reputation between enterprises.

5.Sign up now, enjoy our online functions and find what you need: Since 2003, we have been dedicating ourselves to improve our online functions to bring you best packaging sources which can be found on the internet. So join Packsourcing.com right now, get much promotion!.

Hung-Ju Kao, General Manager

(Foodsourcing/Taiwan Packaging Industry Magazine)


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