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Project Description


● Critical conponents such as chain is made in Japan,PLC control is made by Siemens.
● Each tunnel oven is tailor-made according to customers'product and capacity requirement.
● Sinmag Tunnel Oven is operating in Malaysia,Indonesia,Panama and China.
● Available xith gas burner or electric heating clement.
● Each tunnel oven has 3 temperature control zones:
  - Incoming heating up zone
  - Middle baking zone
  - Outgoing colouring zone
  Each zone has independent thermostat
● For gas tunnel oven,each burner can be switched on or off while other burner are working.
  Total heat output can be changed according to product requirement.
● For electric heating tunnel oven,the power of each electric heating element can be adjusted to meet product requirement.
● We have good know how to have even baking of product.
● Reliable and trouble free operation
● Good insulation
● Setting and indication of
  - 3-zone top and bottom baking temperature
  - baking time
  is done at PLC monitor
● Product can be moved out of tunnel oven by manually operated crank in case of power shut off.
● To work out a quotation,we need following date
  - products to be baked
  - baking time of each product
  - baking temperature
  - tray size
  - required capacity per hour
  - heating source-gas or electricity
  - space available in width and length
  - other special requirement 


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